About us and for you

Welcome to Myslivna in the Garden - big family project with big heart.

Myslivna was bought in a really bad shape in 2005. We immediately started with its restoration (immediately, well atfer we understand about all the administration only put us two years behind..). Behind this project stands whole team of "Halakovic" family.  The lady of the house designed the whole visage from the frontage to furniture to towel rails. There are only a handful of antique shops who don't know her by her first name. The master of the house listened and complimented everything and added some less significant but very useful remarks like: "These beams look really nice but almost decayed", "This can never hold on", "You can't put a window here, this wall would fall" and "Those bricks in the attic are indeed beautiful but if you put them outside, they will crumble". As you can see, he is extremely important person here and it's thanks to him that we do not have to put "Enter at your own risk" sign on the front gate. However, after you make yourself at home, look around and make a cup of tea, you may want to take a look from the front sunny terrace. Then you see wide green scenery, small stream running between the trees and on the floor the old red attic-bricks! They are indeed beautiful and yes - they do crumble.

Even young ones -loving son and devoted daughter- have worked their hands off  - every time they were unseccessful of running away, that is! (there are times when everyone has ran real quick and real far). Dear parents/grandparent didn't have the chance to escape so many thanks belong to them! A lot of aunts and uncles gave a hand too. Because of them we can offer you a horse ride or even have the comfort of electricity.

After sixteen years of troubles and toil - and of course after lot of fun - we can share with you this little green and blooming paradise. Every centimeter was made with great love and diligence and joy and we hope you wil experience great times here and in the whole of Vysočina.

If you have some tips or improvements on our account, please, share them with us, we will be very happy to hear them out. Even happier we will be if you tell us how you enjoyed your stay and when will you be comming again.

We wish you a nice stay, good weather and big experience which will persist with you all long winter.

Family Halákovic


The lady of the house

Zdena Haláková

The master of the house

Jaroslav Halák